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Five Ways to Help When Your Child Doesn't Make the Team

Sports parenting is no walk in the park (pun intended). You invest so much time, energy, and effort into your kid's sports. You do everything humanly possible to make sure they have what they need to be successful in their chosen sport. So when they don't make the team, it can be devastating for both kids and parents alike. You know how hard your kids worked, and how badly they wanted it. It's a tough blow on all.

 This can be a sensitive time in a kid's life, and whether it's a team they didn't make or a part they didn't get in the school play, not getting chosen is bound to occur at one point or another in your child's life. As sports parents it's important that we are equipped with the know-how of what to do when the inevitable happens, your kid doesn't make the team.

 By keeping a few points in mind, you and your kids can get through this rough patch gracefully, and maybe even with a different outlook! 



How To Eat Healthy & Spend Less While Traveling for Youth Sports

Whether it’s travel ball or club sports, living on the road is a normal part of the sports family life. There are tournaments and events that can last up to several days! This type of mobile living can make eating healthy and cost effective meals very difficult for many families. With most options being the snack bar, fast food, or other restaurants, parents need to really think strategically if they want to keep their budgets, waistlines, and their kid’s nutrition in check. A taxing task indeed, but most definitely, not an impossible one!

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How To Keep Siblings Occupied at Games

If you have more than one child, you know the need to drag another kid with you to games is a very real thing. Most would rather do literally anything else than sit for hours in the blazing hot sun, stuffy court, or ice cold rink! Whatever the sport, it's a part of life for sports families; one sibling has games, the others must follow along.

Over the years I've learned a thing or two about how to keep said sibs busy, entertained, and even productive during games. First with a toddler at my older son's games, and now we've come full circle, with a teenager at my younger son's games. Whatever age the youngster may be, the list I've compiled below can help keep the "are we done yet?", or "this is sooooo boring" comments, at bay.