More Hockey Essentials

It’s Back To Hockey Season.  Well, some never actually stopped, but August/September mark the start of a new school year and a new hockey season.  The basics on everyone’s checklist include skates, gloves, helmet, and a stick.  However, there are a few more things to think about to make your hockey season spectacular.

 Skate Blades

You found the perfect fitting skate but remember you are counting on a 3mm blade to give you the edge you need to win and Tydan Performance Blades can EDGEucate you on the right blade profile for you. 

Tydan Blades, used by over 300 teams in leagues like the NHL, CHL and OHL can profile your blades to enhance performance regardless of the blade manufacturer. You can take it one step further, by getting custom blades, with your player’s name and number.    

We are fortunate to have Tydan so close to our head office because they provide great service, great product and perfect skate profiles. Lucky for you, Tydan delivers their amazing performance blades worldwide.  Check them out here.


Base Layer Protection

A few years ago, our young hockey player, who was always digging deep in the corners, ended up with 10 staples in his leg because his hockey sock was shredded during battle. We wish Oneiric was available then and fully support their line of protective gear. 

Oneiric recently launched their base layer top, Soteria. This new base layer top, is designed to not only protect your young athlete but also keep them cool, dry and fresh with TRI-COOL technology. Learn more about Oneiric’s base layer protection.

Hockey Apparel

Athletes love to share their passion for hockey off the ice too and we had the pleasure of working with James at Conquest Hockey. We admire not only their quality, but also their ‘be your best self’ mentality.  We respect the messages and reminders on their social media channels too.    Check out their line of hockey focused clothing and get in the Play to win zone before you hit the ice.


Last year, we had the privilege of collaborating with the team at Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave.  Complete your athletes hockey look, with that same team who brings you Blade Shades. And, yes they have Goalie versions. Put Your Game On with these shades, styled after modern carbon fiber sticks. Now you can match up your shades to your stick all while looking like a stunner heading to the rink.



Youth Hockey sticks

If you haven’t gotten your stick yet, and your athlete is a younger player, it’s very important to choose a stick with the proper flex and height to ensure optimal shooting and stick handling performance. 

Typically young players need a flex that is half their body weight (40lbs players needs a flex 20) but height also plays a factor. (check out their flex chart)

Sniper Hockey Sticks are releasing their newly designed Gen 4 sticks soon with updated blade and enhanced mid-shaft grip technology!  



Of course once you have your stick, you need to make it spectacular with Sniper Skin’s personalized, custom fit grip.  Our classic line provides the custom fit, clean classic comfort.  Looking for a little more tack, then the ICT line provides that same custom fit in bright bold colors with a tacky feel for a little extra grip.  And of course, we always have goalies covered too. 

We know the list of hockey essentials is a long one, but we also know that investing in equipment that helps your athlete feel more confident and more protected will help them achieve their competitive edge.

If you are in Canada, you can find all your hockey needs at these fine retailers, including your custom fit, Sniper Skin grips. 

sniper skin in 100 store across canada