How To Stay Active When You're Stuck At Home

At home workouts are more popular than ever these days. Bad weather, limited finances, being short on time, or as of late, social distancing, can keep you stuck at home. When team practices are canceled or the gym is impossible to get to, athletes can make the best out of having to stay home.

How to Stay Active When You're Stuck At Home

In fact, there are actually several benefits to working out at home:

Working Out At Home Is Free

No need to pay for an expensive gym membership or class.

It Fits Into Your Schedule

Workout anytime of day or night, whenever the mood strikes, or your energy is highest.

At Home Workout Are Virtually Germ Free

While no one's home is totally devoid of germs and bacteria, most of us keep a clean home. This can exponentially pair down the risk of catching potential illnesses and viruses.

No Commute

When time is of the essence, saving the time in getting to and from a workout can be a great asset.

Wear Whatever You Want

Is your practice uniform dirty? There is no need to worry if you work out at home. Go ahead and mismatch your socks, there is no one around to judge!

With some standard equipment, building muscle, improving strength, and keeping sports skills fresh can be easy and fun. Most of the equipment found in athlete's garages or even closets can be enough.

For ways to stay active at home with minimal to no equipment click here! 

If Hockey Is Your Game

You don't need a full ice rink to practice hockey. Practice stick handling and shooting the puck with a passer board or synthetic ice . A smooth piece of plastic that can be set on the ground in your backyard is a great alternative. 

If you own a pair of roller blades, practice shooting using a ball or a street puck and a hockey net. Roller blades can be the next best thing to work on speed, strides, and crossovers.

For Those That Live For Baseball

Baseball is a spring and summer sport, but it's played all year long. How do teams stay in baseball shape when there is snow on the ground, or the air is bitter cold? They head indoors of course! The entire team doesn't need to be assembled together though. Individual ball players can use several drills to keep their game strong.

It's been said that there is nothing better to improve a batter's performance than hitting off of a tee. Players at all levels can benefit from this type of drill. Take a look at this great list of tee drills.

If you have someone else nearby have them soft toss a baseball to you as you attempt to hit it into a baseball net.

Knowing how to throw properly is essential, especially for pitchers. Search for an object like a sturdy wall and mark the "strike zone' with tape. Try hitting in the middle of the zone from as far back as the mound you typically play on. Another option is to mark an "X" with the tape and try to hit that target from different distances.

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Are You Into Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is gaining more traction every year. It's even starting to rival other league sports such as football and soccer in popularity. If you're a Lacrosse player that is stuck at home, there are several ways to practice the sport alone.

Use your lacrosse ball and wall ball net to perform a few simple routines:

Warm up both hands; catch, cradle, throw, to warm up both the right and left hand.

Quick Stick; pass the ball off the wall, retrieve, then quickly pass it back without the cradle.

Split Dodge; split dodge, switching hands throw, catch and repeat.

If Golf Is More Your Speed

Golf isn't a team sport which makes it much easier to practice solo. The trick is to be able to do it at home without breaking any windows!

Hit golf balls into a net. This will make you focus less on where the ball lands, and more on technique.

Use a putt trainer to practice your putting stroke.

Do some chipping drills. Place a small towel a few feet away and practice landing the chips on to the towel. This drill will help manage feel and distance control.

Simple Dumbbell Workouts

All athletes can benefit from strength training. Increased strength equals better performance and easier recovery. Take this time away from traditional sports to hone in on getting stronger.

Use tools you may already have such as dumbbells and weights to create a basic training routine. A speed ladder and speed training resistance parachute are excellent gadgets for speed and agility drills.

During this time of social distancing, or when you just can't leave home, it's not impossible to get a good workout in. Regardless of the sport you play, there are ways to sharpen your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Some light equipment, and a strong desire to succeed is all that is required to stay on top of your game while being stuck at home.

How do you go about getting a workout in when you're stuck at home? 


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