How To Stay Active While Social Distancing

Staying active is so important for a healthy lifestyle. For an athlete though, it's absolutely crucial in order to avoid muscle atrophy, and to maintain agility, strength, and mobility.

In this day and age of social distancing and having to stay home, it can be difficult to remain active. We're generally accustomed to outdoor team practices, gym workouts, and many other activities that require us to be closer than the recommended 6 feet apart from others. What we are experiencing globally is unprecedented. It's still a new concept, but one we must embrace for the time being.

Team practices are being canceled, and players are having to find new and innovative ways to stay in shape. Coming up with new ideas on how to continue moving while at home may take some out of the box thinking, but it can be done!

Whether you're home to practice social distancing, or perhaps the weather just isn't cooperating on a given day, there are lots of ways to build up a sweat without leaving your house.

The following list of fun and creative ways to be active at home, indoors or out, with little to no equipment, will inspire you to stay motivated, and keep physically active!

With Social Distancing rules currently in place, make sure that these activities are performed either solo, or with members of your own household. 

How To Stay Active While Social Distancing


Hallway Races

Do you have a long hallway in your home? Then you just may have the perfect spot for little bodies to race, or bigger ones, depending on the width of the hallway! Use painters tape to create "lines" vertical down the center and horizontal at the "start" and "finish lines". This is an especially fun activity for kids!

Yoga or Pilates

Set up a mat and work on your "downward dog" or "hundreds" while you are stuck at home. Both are fantastic ways to stretch, and keep the body loose and limber, necessary components of any athlete's well rounded routine.

Wii Fit

Nintendo's Wii Fit is a fun way to combine fun and fitness. There are many workouts to choose from such as strength training, yoga, aerobics and balance games such as snowball fights, juggling and skateboarding!

Workout Videos on YouTube

I think it's safe to say that YouTube has made life more entertaining for so many of us. Much more than keeping busy, it's a great source for education and you guessed it--fitness! From exercise videos for kids like the one below, to videos for seniors, and everything in between. Whether you want to sharpen your lacrosse skills, your hockey game, or learn how to better swing a baseball bat, you can find endless hours of fitness driven content on YouTube.



Run the Stairs

If you live in a two story home or in an apartment building, you're in luck. Staying home doesn't have to mean sitting around the couch- jogging or even walking up and down the stairs can burn a ton of calories! There is a reason an entire machine has been designed to mimic this simple activity at the gym, because it works! This every day activity can strengthen glutes, thighs, and calves, and even your core. As a bonus you can use the bottom step for push ups and tricep dips, and lunges.

If you don't have immediate access to a stairway, an entry stoop will work too!



Sometimes oldies can really be goodies. Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game played by neighborhood kids for decades, and for good reason, it's so much fun! Other than some chalk and a few stray rocks, there is no real equipment needed. If you aren't familiar with it learn how to play hopscotch here!


Crab Walk Challenges

Crab Walks are a fun and challenging way to get in shape. Making a race out of it can be even more exciting! Whoever gets to the other side of the yard first, wins! If you have an exercise band, place it over your thighs more even burn.

Here is how to do a crab walk:

  1. Crouch down into a squat position, but only half way down
  2. In that same position walk to the left or right
  3. Keep your legs low to the ground
  4. Be sure to keep your back straight and abs engaged for proper alignment

Piggy Back Ride Races

Another standard from yesteryear, Piggy Back rides! It's high time to bring them back! Similar to the crab walk races, run across the yard with one of your family members on your back. Take turns being timed, or have the pairs go at the same time.


Setting up a game of Dodgeball with family outdoors can be a great way to stay active while having to stay home. Use a large rubber ball and aim carefully as to not cause any injuries. Definitely rough and tumble, but can be enjoyable and great aerobic and strength workout!

Create An Obstacle Course

This is where parents and kids can let their creative juices flow. Use things from the garage and around the house to come up with an obstacle course. Use things like hoola hoops, inflatable pools, cones, bricks, pool noodles, balloons, and more. Check out more outdoor obstacle course ideas here.

Practice Your Sport

Use this time to keep your athletic skills fresh. Whether hitting off of a tee, kicking a ball into a net, or slapping a puck into it, this time away from the outside world could prove to be valuable in an athlete's development.

While staying at home isn't the ideal scenario, making the best of it with a positive attitude can help make mental strides. Keeping mentally healthy can be just as important as maintaining a physical well being.

Staying in touch with coaches and team leaders is a good idea as well. While they can't be there physically, their guidance and advice is invaluable. Brainstorm with them on ways to practice your sport with drills, and workouts.

Maintaining bodies in "game shape" can make or break your sports season, with the hope and anticipation of getting back to our normal lives soon. Too much downtime can create lethargy, and a slow down of skills.

Staying at home doesn't have to be a waste of time! Practice some of these activities to keep stamina up and muscles strong. Keep a smart social distance, and stay safe!

If you are looking for more ways to workout at home, watch for next week's  article




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