How To Keep Your Grades Up While Playing Travel Sports

Juggling athletics and academics can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to travel sports. The importance of good grades is indisputable, but with competitive sports requiring so much of you, creating a balance is the key to doing both successfully. Applying these practical tips to your routine can help you maintain good grades while playing travel sports.

 Keep Your Grades Up

Plan Ahead

Being part of a travel team can be grueling, especially when combined with school requirements. Setting priorities can make all the difference in your grades.

Start a monthly calendar and stick to it. At the beginning of the season, jot down every game, practice, and event that your team has set for the season onto your planner (your smart phone is great for this). Don't forget to include travel dates! Incorporate academic responsibilities by adding in assignments, tests, and the days you plan to study, and make the commitment to follow through. Set aside time every weekday for homework, and if possible, try to work ahead. Be sure to check due dates periodically and make adjustments as needed. Give yourself one to two free days per week to hang out with friends, catch a movie, or anything else that you like to do. Enjoying free time is important to maintaining a balanced and healthy life.

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Team Study

Just like watching game film or going over plays together, studying for school subjects with teammates can be fun, and effective! If you are in the same grade or go to the same school then there is so much more that connects you than just sports. Set aside time to work on a project with a couple of teammates, or help each other study for a test. This can be a great bonding opportunity, and an excellent way to keep each other accountable for meeting academic requirements.

Minimize Distractions

One of the biggest distractions for student athletes today is social media. Having your phone near you as you study can steal your focus as you may be tempted to check for updates more times than not. The best thing to do is turn off notifications, or if necessary, store your device in a separate room while you complete your school work.

Keep Your Eye On the Prize

Whether your goal is maintain your GPA for sports eligibility, or to earn a coveted scholarship, work towards your goal every day, and don't stray from it. If you can dream it, you can make it happen! Remember, the harder the work, the sweeter the reward.


Preserving your grades while participating in travel sports is no easy task, but with the right mindset, it's possible! Employing the right tactics such as managing your time, coming up with creative study habits, finding ways to minimize distractions, and making sure to stay focused on the bigger picture, may be all you need to stay on top of your academics while being part of a demanding athletics program.


What other suggestions do you have for keeping grades up while playing travel sports?


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