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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

Shipping rates are determined by the product weight and destination. Our rates are listed below, shipping times vary by region: 

Please note for shipping outside of Canada, that all customs, duties, taxes, surcharges, brokerages, etc., are the responsibility of the customer. When delivery is attempted, you may be billed for these fees; these fees are independent of shipping charges and are charged by your local mail authority - not Sniper Skin. Please familiarize yourself with your country's import rules and regulations prior to ordering.

2. How do I install a Sniper Skin grip or blade?

Check out our easy installation guides below:


3. My Sniper Skin didn't shrink properly! It feels too loose. How do I fix it?

To ensure you've installed your Sniper Skin properly, make sure you check out the installation videos above. If your Sniper Skin is too loose, the water used during the installation was not hot enough. Try again and ensure you are following the steps below:

  • Make sure the water is over 95 degrees Celsius
  • For best installation, use an electric kettle with at least 1.5 L of water
  • Pour the boiling water over the grip evenly from top to bottom
  • A heat gun will also provide the proper installation for your Sniper Skin 


4. How long do Sniper Skin grips and blades last?

Sniper Skin blades will last until they're damaged or cut by a skate. While they may suffer abuse, the Sniper Skin blade will take the damage for your hockey stick that tape would normally be unable to absorb. All products are covered under a 30 day warranty for defects under normal use. Please bear in mind that blades are for indoor ice use only.

Sniper Skin grips may last the regular season of play.


Sniper Skin products are subject to natural wear and tear and results may vary per user.


5. I like to wax my hockey blade. Can I also wax a Sniper Skin blade?

    Yes, you can wax your Sniper Skin blade! Some players prefer an additional grip on the blade, which you can achieve by adding your favourite wax. Check out our video below:


    6. Is Sniper Skin better than tape? Why should I try Sniper Skin?

      • Sniper Skin installs in seconds and is more durable than tape, meaning less time in the locker room and more time in the game
      • No adhesive is used on the grip, meaning no sticky, smelly residue and longer lasting gloves, too!
      • Sniper Skin grips come with different accessories to customize the grip to your exact profile, providing you with comfort and a locked-in feel
      • You can personalize your grip with different patterns, your name, player number, or logo (with approval) to stand out from the competition! 

      You can also read more about why you should make the change from tape in our blog.


      7. Would you be willing to give me a sponsorship/free sample/discount?

      We do not offer free samples, sponsorships, or discounts outside of regular promotions on our products. If you are interested in purchasing Sniper Skin, we do offer team deals as well as retailer packages. You can also check out our Sniper of the Month contest for your chance to win a personalized grip!


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