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Unlike many other grips, Sniper Skin is waterproof so it can be cleaned; which allows your grip to last much longer than others.

Please use mild soap (no alcohol) and use a non lint cloth to squeeze along the grip – no rubbing. 

These grips can last a long time so you can apply additional tack afterwards if interested, using a bat grip spray like Rawlings 5150 to your preference and as needed

Our detailed installation guide is found here.

Sniper Skin grips need to be heated to 212°F (100°C) to shrink. We suggested using boiling water or a heat gun to achieve these temperatures.

It is possible to overheat the grips.

Please avoid using hot water from the tap, hair dryers, ovens, or open flames to install a Sniper Skin grip. These heat sources will NOT install the product correctly, or cause damage to the grips.

Although similar in nature, hair dryers do not provide enough heat compared to heat guns. The max operating temperature of hair dryers is 140°F (60°C) and is too low for correctly installing Sniper Skin grips.

To ensure you've installed your Sniper Skin properly, check out the installation videos here. 

If your Sniper Skin is too loose, the grip did not receive enough heat during the installation. For the best results, use an electric kettle with at least 1.5 L of water, 212F temperature confirmed with a kitchen thermometer, is required ,or a 1500-Watt heat gun for a great fit. (NOT a hair dryer).

Boiling Water

Make sure the water is over 212°F (100°C). Use a kitchen thermometer to measure the temperature.

You may need more than one pot/kettle of water to form fit the entire grip, especially longer ones like bat, goalie, and fishing grips.

Heat Gun

Although similar in nature, hair dryers do not provide enough heat compared to heat guns. The average max operating temperature of hair dryers is 140°F (60°C) and is too low for correctly installing Sniper Skin grips.

Ensure your heat gun can achieve temperatures of at least 212°F (100°C).

Please do NOT cut the grip off as we cannot help after the product has been damaged!

If you have a concern regarding your installation, send a picture of the grip and an explanation to We will review your situation and inform you of the best solution.

Short Answer: it depends how the grip is treated.

The lifespan of Sniper Skin grips can exceed the life of the stick. Commonly, a Sniper Skin grip will last the regular season of play, or longer, if taken care of correctly. Grips can become damaged if exposed to sharp edges (hockey skates), or rough surfaces (concrete, gravel, asphalt).

Although our grips are durable and will last a long time, the patterns are not. Graphics, and monogramming may fade or disappear with natural wear and tear.

If you need more tack, we recommend a bat spray like Rawlings 5150 Bat spray to refresh the tack and extend the life of your grip.

All products are covered under a 30-day warranty for material defects under normal use. 

The maximum outer diameter (OD) and length (L) of all Sniper Skin grips are provided below. Please note these are taken BEFORE the grip is installed.

Hockey, and Goalie Paddle

OD: 1.5inch / 38mm

L: 7.5inch / 190mm


OD: 2.0inch / 50mm

L: 11.0inch / 290mm

Lacrosse, and Goalie Top

OD: 1.5inch / 38mm

L: 11.0inch / 290mm

Standard Fishing, and Golf

OD: 1.25inch/ 31mm

L: 11.0inch / 290mm

Inshore Fishing

OD: 1.25inch/ 31mm

L: 16.5inch / 420mm

Offshore Fishing, and Fishing Kit (piece #1)

OD: 1.5inch / 38mm

L: 16.5inch / 420mm

Fishing Kit (piece #2)

OD: 1.5inch / 38mm

L: 11.0inch / 290mm

We do not offer free samples, sponsorships, or discounts outside of regular promotions on our products. If you are interested in purchasing Sniper Skin, we do offer team deals, fundraisers, and retailer packages

Sniper Skin is custom fit to the player's preferred profile. Because of this perfect fit, it is locked in place and while super durable that lasts much longer than traditional tapes and wraps, it is not reusable.

We do have Extreme Grip Wraps, which are reusable when carefully removed and transferred to another grip.

One exception with our 1 piece sleeve, is if the grip is installed onto an extension for hockey or lacrosse sticks. If the grip is installed completely on the extension, the extension could be removed and reinstalled on a new stick.

However, Sniper Skin grips are made from a recyclable material. Please refer to your local recycling regulations for correct disposal.


Shipping rates are determined by the product weight and destination. Our rates are determined at checkout, based on your product selection and location.

We offer FREE shipping to Canada and the USA on order valued over $69.95.

Please review our full policy here.

Shipping times vary based on the delivery address, and the service chosen.

Allow up to 15 business days for tracked shipping.

Orders that have been shipped that have incorrect addresses can take up to 30-45 additional days to be returned. Once returned, we will ship back out to you. Additional shipping charges will apply.

Please review our full policy here.

Within 30 days of purchase, non-personalized products can be
returned for a refund or exchanged. The products must be in the same condition and original packaging. The customer is responsible for shipping costs of the returned item.

Personalized items may not be returned or exchanged.

Please review our returns and warranty policy for more information.

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