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Ice Cream Scoops Bat Grips

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Sniper Skin is a custom fit grip that replaces your need to constantly rewrap your bat. Our bat grips are lightweight, and easy to install. Customize the look and feel of your grip, then install it in seconds with 212 F boiling water or a heat gun!

All orders include engineered, vibration dampening foam strips to reduce the sting and enhance your swing. Our bats grips also have extra tack for improved control.

Patented, engineered and made in Canada  

* Fits most baseball, softball, slowpitch, and fastpitch bats. Including Axe Bat.

** Bat not included

Fits most baseball, softball, slowpitch, and fastpitch bats. Including Axe Bat.

Bat Grips are 11" (290mm) long, and 1.25mm thick when installed with VDF strip, or 0.5mm thick without strips.

Fits bats up to 2” (50mm) knob diameter, and as small as 0.70” (17mm) diameter handle (some short barrel and t-ball bats may not work – check smallest diameter on handle in grip area).

Can be installed over or above the knob, and on top of existing bat grips.


Locks in place.

Tack can be restored when faded with grip spray such as Rawlings 5150 or similar product, providing a grip that can last all season long.

Permitted in all divisions of NCAA college play

The installation process requires 212°F (100°C) boiling water, or a heat gun to ensure correct fit. High elevation areas must use a heat gun.

Check out our video tutorial


Option 1: Install Sniper Skin over existing grip

  • skip to step 2.

Option 2: Remove existing grip and install Vibration Dampening Foam (VDF).

  • Cover the entire circumference of the handle with re-positional VDF strips.


  • Slide the sleeve onto the bat.
  • Rotate the logo/text as desired.
  • Leave 1/2in of skin sticking out past knob. (A helpful way to measure this is using a water bottle cap - especially for boiling water installations).


Use at least a 1.5L electric kettle (water must be rapidly boiling with a temperature above 100°C/212°F) or a 1500W heat gun.

Boiling Water

  • Position the bat handle-side down in a sink.
  • With your non-pouring hand positioned on the barrel, keep the bat standing straight up and resting on the water bottle cap.
  • As soon as the water has boiled, pour water into the sleeve and watch the Sniper Skin shrink!
  • Continue pouring water until the kettle/pot is empty.
  • Cool off with cold water

Heat Gun

  • Stand the bat upright and begin rotating the bat
  • Hold the gun 6in from the Sniper Skin
  • Starting at the bottom of the grip, apply heat until the entire base has shrunk tightly to the shaft.
  • Continue rotating the grip and slowly move the heat up towards the unshrunk region until the grip has completely shrunk to the bat.
  • Becareful not to overheat/melt the grip


  • Using Sharp Scissors, trim off the excess material.
  • Reheat trimmed areas and press against a hard surface to create a smooth finish.


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