How to install a bat grip

Learn the easiest, quickest and coolest way to install a bat grip.

Ever wondered how to avoid wrapping your bat constantly through the season? Tired of fighting with wraps that don't install all that easy?  We get it, so we offer something easier, quicker & cool looking. That's personalized. Or Design Your Own. But first, let's learn how.  Hint - the key is the temperature of 212F 

Option 1 - The Boiling Water Method

Requires  1.6 qt (1.5L) kettle of boiling water at temp of  212F (100C) to ensure a great fit. *High altitude areas need a heat gun to reach 212F. 

how to install a bat grip with 212F boiling water

📹Joey Lye



Option 2 - Heat Gun Istallation

Requires  a 1500W heat gun, or capable of 212F temperature 


how to install a bat grip with a heat gun Sniper Skin


Option 3 - Extreme Performance Grip Wrap

I like wrapping my bat, it's a pre game ritual. Extreme Performance Grip  Has You Covered! It's transferable, weather proof, yes water proof, and long lasting performance. 

how to wrap a bat


Time to install yours - which method are you choosing? 

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