Sniper Skin Sports

Mission Collection - Hockey

$20.99 USD



Mission Ready with Sniper Skin custom fit Grips!

Sniper Skin's ICT grips are lightweight, easy to install and are far superior to tape or wraps. You can customize the fit, as well as the look in a few simple steps.

ICT grips have a little extra tack to ensure a great grip.

Personalize your gear like a pro and add your name and number for $5.

  • Hockey Grips are 7.5" in length and come with 1 top ring and foam tape to customize grip profile
  • Goalie Top Grips are 11" in length and come with 2 top rings and no foam tape
  • Goalie Paddle Grips are 7.5" in length and come with 1 trigger ring
  • The installation process requires a 1500 watt heat gun or 1.5 L kettle to ensure a great fit ~ boiling water must be 212F
  • Patented, engineered and Made in Canada

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        Watch how easy the quick install and custom fit is.