Sniper Skin Challenges You to Design Your Own Personal Grip  

Personalized, custom sports gear is a growing trend.  Imagine your favourite sports stick or bat, with a Sniper Skin grip displaying a pattern designed by you. From the lightning bolts, flames, and camo patterns  to anything that you can imagination.

Patterned grips have been a great success this year and we get players requesting all kinds of designs, so Sniper Skin is launching a Design Your Grip Contest.

“The patterned grips are an amazing way for players to create their own unique design that can be individual or even a team building effort” said April Wright, co-owner of Sniper Skin. “The options are endless.  The perfect compliment to a Sniper Skin custom fit grip is a personal design by our customers.”

Wright said she’s excited by the talented artists she sees through  social media platforms and how engaged these sports enthusiasts are. Based on the volume of requests we receive for personalized grips, she believes this contest will provide the opportunity to inspire individuals or a team project, perfect timing for the summer for hockey, lacrosse and baseball/softball players.

“I would love to see, now given the creative freedom, what players want to display on their favourite stick. We manufacture our product, we can turn these ideas into reality really quickly.” she said.

Some of the pattern successes thus far were designed by our kids, and now we want to open it up as a summer contest and see what kind of artistic ideas are out there in the sports community.

 “We’ve gotten constant customer feedback that they love having their name on their grips,” said Wright. “Now I am curious to see what design our customers will vote to see on a grip, just in time for fall hockey season.” 

Are you inspired to design the next pattern for Sniper Skin grips?  

For the month of July you can join us in our Design Your Own Grip contest! Get started with the following steps: 

  1. Download the template here 
  2. Fill it in with your unique design!
  3. Email us at with your submission and post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #DESIGNYOURGRIP


The last day to submit your design will be July 31st, 2017. In August, you'll get the chance to VOTE for your favourite design! The top 3 winners will receive a prize pack including their personal design!



  • Black and white designs ONLY
  • No company, team, or brand logos
  • No profanity, offensive, or harmful material


By entering the Design Your Own Grip contest you agree to give Sniper Skin the right to use and reproduce your design on their products.