The Magic Behind Motivation

From The Pro's - Motivation

Staying consistently motivated is…unrealistic.  Motivation is a fairly fickle feeling, and yet, most people who know me would call me an extremely motivated person.  Every now and then, motivation pays a visit.  Sometimes it's a short visit, and other times it’s lengthy; it is never consistent.  In my opinion, discipline is the real hero.

 So, if you’d like to be (or appear to be) motivated, choose discipline! #simplenoteasy

 From The Pro's - Discpline

The “how” of being disciplined is the tricky part, largely because our brains are wired so differently and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  My best advice for you, if you’re struggling to “stay motivated” - AKA struggling to have discipline in your training or school or job - is:

 -Clearly define your goals

-Clearly understand why you are chasing these goals

-Be intentional with thoughts and reminders that help you focus on one task or one day at a time (small actions over time create big results!!)

-Try some of the strategies listed at the end of this blog post to discover what clicks for your specific personality

 From The Pro's - Commitment

By remaining committed to a goal, being intentional with thoughts and behaviours (which both directly influence our feelings), and gaining a deeper understanding of how our individual brain is wired, we can set ourselves up for success.

My motto for life is ADAPT AND THRIVE.  It helps me through tough moments and reminds me that what I do next is my choice.

What you do next is yours.  

Stay hungry,



Some strategies to try:

-Use a physical calendar to plan and track your progress of small tasks and milestones

-Share your goals and plans with a friend or family member and ask if they will check in on your progress once a week

-Place quotes or pictures that remind you of your “why” on your mirror, in your car, on the fridge, in your cabinets, and/or anywhere else you frequent

-Publicly post and track your progress on social media

-Create an accountability group chat of a few friends or family members where each person shares the goal they are working toward followed by the progress they make - provide encouragement for one another as you go

-Place a picture or poster of the end result you’re chasing in your room/ somewhere you’ll see it every day

-Journal for a few minutes each evening about the progress you made that day and/or each morning about the “little win” you’re planning to tackle that day

-Discover ways to add a little fun to your everyday tasks through music, humour, or other passions

-Set a daily reminder in your phone to help add consistency to a certain thought, quote, or idea


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