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How To Keep Travel Sports Cost Down

It's no secret that youth sports are expensive. Beyond league fees and uniforms, every season parents can spend upwards of thousands, especially when it comes to travel sports. Sports at this level are usually highly competitive, players and parents alike take this very seriously! So much so, that they are willing to make a full financial commitment, season after season. However, any sports parent will tell you, it's not an easy undertaking. Not everyone has the means to pay for their kids' sports. So what can parents do to keep travel sports expenditures down? 


How to keep travel sports costs down


How To Eat Healthy & Spend Less While Traveling for Youth Sports

Whether it’s travel ball or club sports, living on the road is a normal part of the sports family life. There are tournaments and events that can last up to several days! This type of mobile living can make eating healthy and cost effective meals very difficult for many families. With most options being the snack bar, fast food, or other restaurants, parents need to really think strategically if they want to keep their budgets, waistlines, and their kid’s nutrition in check. A taxing task indeed, but most definitely, not an impossible one!

healthy snacks, spend less, youth sports


How to fuel an athlete

We recently caught up with Les Canadiennes de Montreal registered dietician Pearle Nerenberg, who presents our newest guest post about her journey, and how to plan a little more, hit the drive through a little less while delivering great meals for our growing athletes.

Because as parents, we understand we are doing our best to manage the family's hectic schedules of careers, school, sports/activities, groceries, cooking, cleaning and yes...sleeping occasionally. So any help with proper meal planning is a good thing.