School's Out! Summer Activities to Keep you at Your Peak

From an afternoon to a week, or free to splurging – sports fans everywhere can get active this summer

School is almost done for everyone, and sports fans should use the freedom of summer to have fun and stay active. We list a few of the multitude of options to inspire you to grab your friends or kids, enjoy the summer sun, and keep fit for the next season.


The Beach

Hitting the beach isn’t just about building sandcastles and collecting seashells. Be sure to pack your swimsuits, but don’t forget the Frisbee, water guns, and a volleyball. If you're a hockey fan, check out Saucer King's perfect beach bag sized hockey kit.


Summer Camps

One of the most common ways to keep kids engaged and active during the summer is through summer camps. If your athlete is sport specific, you can sign them up to their favourite sports camp where he or she can learn, practice and be inspired by pro-athletes. One of our personal favourites is Thrive Lacrosse, run by NLL Champion Cup winner Kiel Matisz, a former Georgia Swarm player who now plays for the Philadelphia Wings.

One of the biggest concerns that parents have is losing valuable equipment during all the excitement of summer camp. A personalized grip on your child's stick will keep it from getting lost of mixed up with the others.

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The Neighbourhood Parks

Parks aren’t just for the little ones. Bring your ball glove and practice pitching or catching pop-flys. If your friends are busy or you're out on your own, grab your lacrosse stick and get in some wall ball reps; or a basketball to get your 3 point shot perfected. When your friends are home, grab a football and practice those long arm throws.


Home Alone Options

Not every day has a plan, and don’t you dare say "I’m bored"! Try adding a few skill kits that can fill the void and enhance your techniques. Summer can still be hockey friendly as there are plenty of products to practice off-ice. Hockey shooting packages give you all the tools to practice your shot, and you can compete with your friends. You can also improve your swing and practice your hitting this baseball and softball season with a hitting rope. Lacrosse players, have you been practicing wall ball this summer? Pro-players recommend a minimum 30 minutes a day to stay sharp.


Rainy Day Alternatives

Rainy days don’t have to be TV days! This is the perfect time to hit up air-conditioned spots like an indoor trampoline park. They have activities for all age groups, meaning they're kid, adult, and parent friendly! For the thrill seekers, check out places like bike and skate parks, parkour gyms, or indoor skydiving facilities.


The Local Swimming Pool (Or Backyard Sprinkler!)

Just because you or your best friend doesn’t have a swimming pool, doesn’t mean you can’t splash and swim this summer! Grab a beach ball, a towel and some sun screen and head to the nearest public swimming pool. If that isn’t an option, a sprinkler is always a great back up to beat the heat. If you don’t have one, get creative and make your own!


Hiking & Biking

On your own or with friends and family, hiking and biking are great opportunities to get active, explore new places and maybe scout out the next best ice-cream place. Plan your own must see list this summer or seek out new trails or waterfalls to explore.


Zip-Lining and Tree Top Courses

Developing your skills goes beyond the field and ice rink. Trying new things that challenge your comfort zone are just as important for confidence and overcoming apprehension and can be a lot of fun! Check out tree top trekking and zip-lining. These are courses close to our athletes, but a simple search will help you find ones close to you.


Hit the Batting Cages – Indoor or Outdoor

Whether you're a ball player or not, batting cages develop and hone your hand-eye coordination and timing. Reasons to use a batting cage can range from getting away from simple distractions to the convenience of going whenever you want. The best part is facilities can be indoors or outdoors, so weather is never an issue!

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Enjoy Your Time off This Summer

We wait all winter for summer to arrive and for the freedom of less work or school to eat up our time. So get out and enjoy the warmth and the endless choices to fill your free time and stay fit. Our list is full of options for every budget, but we would also love to hear your favourite summer pass-times in the comments below!