Start Your Lacrosse season with Sniper Skin!

Get ready for lacrosse with Sniper Skin Premium Sports Grips! To kick off the season, why not try our custom fit, lightweight, weather proof lacrosse grips that are super easy to install and far superior to tape! Want to learn more about Sniper Skin? Get pumped up with our videos or check out our installation guide to show you how easy it is to install your very own custom fit Sniper Skin grip. Personalize your grip even further with your name and number on one of our cool ICT patterns!

By the way, in addition to Lacrosse grips, we also sell Bat grips, Hockey grips, Golf grips and Fishing rod grips!

Sniper Skin Lacrosse Grips

Got a wild idea you would love to see on your grip? Design your own custom grip with the Sniper Skin Griptomizer Tool!


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