So You Want to Get Recruited? Here are Three Tips to Help You Take More Control of Your Recruiting

So You Want to Get Recruited?

Here are Three Tips to Help You Take More Control of Your Recruiting Experience

 Did You Know With Joey Lye

Please read the title again. Do you notice the words “You” and ”Your”? They stand out to me.  Many parents take control of the recruiting process for their student-athlete and, in my opinion, that factor could contribute to the lack of fulfillment some student-athletes experience throughout their collegiate careers.  Is it your dream to play collegiately? Coaches want to hear from you, not from your grownups.  If you don’t want to get recruited badly enough to put the work in that’s needed for you to get noticed, or to build relationships with the programs you’re interested in, chances are the commitment and hard work of being a student-athlete may not be for you. And that’s okay.  

So, tip number one, be honest with yourself about what you want as opposed to what others are expecting you to want.  If that honesty uncovers a desire to be a collegiate student-athlete, well, let’s get to work!


 Did You Know With Joey Lye

Unless you are one of the top recruits in the country and coaches are traveling across the country to try to win you over, the reality is the work falls on your shoulders.  Persistence is tip number two.  Sending a round of emails to coaches at schools of interest and attending a showcase camp sounds like a solid start; don’t stop there!  The more time and effort you dedicate to your recruiting process, the more likely it is something will pan out.  There are different recruiting rules depending on the governing body (for example, NCAA vs NAIA) and often differences based on division (NCAA DI, DII, and DIII).  Some coaches are able to respond to your emails or to meet with you when you visit campus and others are not.  If you don’t hear back from a coach it could be because of recruiting regulations.  Keep sending the emails. Keep attending the tournaments and camps.  Continue to update your youtube channel with highlights and recruiting videos. Continue to put in the work and prove that your future matters to you.


 Did You Know With Joey Lye

There are hundreds of athletes hoping to participate in signing day and to continue playing their sport after high school, so what can you do to stand out?  Tip number three is all about the full picture; put your best foot forward, not just on the field of play but off the field too.  How do you respond to a mistake during competition? Do you respect your teammates/coaches/caregivers?  Do you support your teammates? Do you give your best effort?  Are the behaviours you display ones that a collegiate coach would be proud to have representing their program?  Yes, talent is important when coaches are recruiting their athletes.  Character, however, will set you apart.

Enjoy learning about yourself, your goals, different schools, and the variety of programs out there throughout the recruiting process!  Be honest with yourself, be persistent, and put your best foot forward. You’ll be proud you chose to take control of your recruiting process and avoided leaving yourself with numerous “what ifs” in the end.  

 Good luck!



Joey Lye, OLY


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