Sniper Skin pro-hockey players testing out Sniper Skin grips

Great day on the golf course where Sniper Skin golf grips challenged pro Hockey players with hockey gloves &  hockey stick putter.

golf grip Sniper Skin
Sniper Skin golf grips coming soon.
golf grip Sniper Skin
Darnell Nurse, Doctortwofive, checking out Sniper Skin hockey grips
Nurse 25, sniper skin hockey grip
Darnell Nurse taking a shot with Sniper Skin golf grip & hockey stick putter 
nurse, sniper skin golf grip
Taylor Hall testing out the Sniper Skin grip
Hall, sniper skin grip
Zach Rinaldo stopped by to see what Sniper Skin is all about
Rinaldo, sniper skin grip
Luke Gadzic gearing up for his shot using a Sniper Skin golf grip on our hockey stick putter 
Gadzic, sniper skin grip