Pro Player Offers Great gift ideas for Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse parents who still need cool gift ideas for their lacrosse-loving kids can learn from NLL’s Kiel Matisz.  Kiel dropped by Sniper Skin to show everyone not only what a pro lacrosse player for the Georgia Swarm carries in his lacrosse bag, but why this lacrosse gear makes a great gift for lacrosse players. Who better to educate us then a key player from the 2017 NLL Champions?

What lacrosse gear does NLL player Kiel Matisz use and why?



Kiel walks through the mesh he prefers and why. From the color matching his team colors, to the hold and protection he gets from the six diamond mesh from East Coast Dyes. Starting at $15.00 US, this is a great stocking stuffer and tested by pro lacrosse players.

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 Lacrosse Head

Whether your lacrosse player is offense or defense, discover more from NLL’s Georgia Swarm Kiel Matisz, about the Prequel lacrosse head from Epoch in this video.

 Lacrosse Shaft

Being a 2017 NLL champion, Kiel knows the importance of a lacrosse shaft that provides enough flex for your shot speed and tough enough to take the abuse of elite lacrosse players.  Check out his collection in this video.


 Lacrosse Grip

Sniper Skin grips are a great gift idea for lacrosse players starting as low as $12.99. You can personalize them for $5.00.  Lacrosse grips from Sniper Skin make a great stocking stuffer. Learn why Kiel prefers the durability, consistency and stability of a Sniper Skin grip.


Protective Gear

Lacrosse is a physical sport so having good protective gear is a must.  Discover what the pros carry on the road across North America to ensure they are prepared for the game.

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Lacrosse shoes are a personal preference by player and there are plenty to choose from. Kiel checked out the new Under Armour at practice and is pumped to be starting the 2018 NLL season sporting the new Curry 4.  Learn more about this shoe’s DNA.


Learn from a pro who offers some great gift ideas for the Lacrosse Player on Your Holiday List

When thinking about what to get for the athletes on your holiday list this year, check out these great gift ideas for lacrosse players. Tested by a pro who recently won the NLL Championship, this lacrosse gear will be perfect for any budget from stocking stuffers to the big ticket item. Keep growing the game.