MLF Pro Christian Greico Talks About The Importance Of Getting Kids Into Fishing!

MLF Christian Greico

We had the honour of MLF Pro Christian Greico at our booth during ICAST 2022 Fishing Show in Florida this summer to share some of his fishing expertise with us.   Check out what Christian had to say about the importance of getting kids into fishing and how Sniper Skin Grips can help motivate them!


Room To Grow

Hey guys, Christian Greico here at the Sniper Skin booth, talking about all the different grip options we have.  As you can see right here it comes in all kinds of crazy designs, this is actually a kids design.  I’m a big proponent of getting kids into fishing.  I started off fishing at the Jr. level, working my way up, went to school thru college and end up making it to the pro circuit. I just want to encourage kids to get into fishing.


On The Water

A lot of times when kids are younger, they want the colorful rods, different designs.  You just need to get them into it.  Using these Sniper Skin grips, all these crazy colors, we have some kid specific grips, really any kind of design, pick out their favorite color, things like that, just to get them motivated to get out on the water with you and get them away from the video games and out into nature. 


Motivate Their Interests

We have all kinds of different colors. You can even put their name on it, their favorite little toy, anything you want to do, it is customizable.  We have the standard ones that we offer right here from Sniper Skin.    It’s a really cool way to get kids into fishing.

Thanks Christian for joining us at ICAST and talking all things fishing, especially how to get kids interested in this lifetime sport!

Our huge selection of Fishing Rod Grips offers something for everyone, including custom designs! 

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