I Have Used Hockey Tape All My Life, Why Change Now?

Hockey players around the world love their hockey tape. Taping their stick before every game has become a hockey superstition and tradition. However, have you ever really thought about why you are taping your stick?

Originally, hockey players would tape their hockey blade to protect the wood from splitting and absorbing water causing blade damage. Now, hockey sticks are generally made out of carbon fibers and graphite, so water absorption is no longer much of a concern. But, hockey blades still need protection – and tape may not be the best choice any longer.

Hockey players tape the shaft of their hockey stick to get a great grip. A superior hockey grip is essential but is hockey tape really the best option on the market?

Are hockey players just taping their hockey sticks because it’s tradition and that’s what they have been taught?

Or, are they really thinking about the best way to protect their blade and get the best grip?

The game is constantly improving – new technologies are changing the game. New materials and designs are creating significant improvements in hockey skates, hockey sticks and protective gear – and yes, hockey tape.


The Truth about Hockey Tape

As much as hockey players have committed themselves to using hockey tape, it’s really more of a habit than actually delivering the highest level of protection and grip they are hoping to achieve. Hockey stick tape has quite a few performance issues…


Applying and Removing Hockey Tape is a Pain

Applying and removing hockey tape is time consuming and annoying – and has to be done continuously. Hockey stick tape gets sticky and dirty – fast – usually needing replacement after every game or two. That is a lot of rolls of tape every season!

Troy Livingston, states that hockey tape alternative, “Sniper Skin, looks great, lasts forever and is hassle free. Highly recommend to parents who don't like dealing with all that sticky tape.”

Plus, removing the tape can be difficult and the adhesive residue left behind is sticky and smelly and makes it even more difficult to optimally tape your stick.

Hockey Stick Tape is Damaging Your Expensive Gloves

Hockey stick tape adhesive is damaging your expensive hockey equipment. Tape adhesive gets dirty which damages your hockey gloves and makes them stink. You are forced to replace those costly hockey gloves more often than you really should be.

Coach Jonah indicates he found that regular grip wrap or fabric style hockey tape gets dirty, breaks down, becomes sticky & eventually ruins my gloves. Not to mention makes my hands sticky if I touch the grip without gloves. Sniper Skin offers simple installation, custom fit options and no residue to stick to your gloves.

Does Hockey Tape Really Give You a Better Grip?

Although hockey players may feel that hockey tape gives them a great grip, the reality is that it wears away so quickly and the material itself is not conducive to a superior grip. For goalies, in particular, grip is crucial. They are the last line of defense to stop that puck and they can’t afford to be losing their stick in the middle of a big play. Goalies are most susceptible to losing their stick when doing a poke check. Silas Wauban-Scott of the Dundas Minor Hockey League feels that Sniper Skin is a superior product to hockey tape when it comes to grip. (Blades are being enhanced and should be released later this year)


Hockey tape smells!

Hockey tape reeks! Hockey tape absorbs all the wonderful smells of the hockey experience – sweat, moisture, leather and more, making for a winning combination of hockey tape aroma. Isn’t hockey smelly enough without your hockey stick smelling bad, too?

 hockey tape sniper skin

Not Your Grandfather’s Hockey Tape

Taping your hockey stick every game is a tradition – but it is just that. It doesn’t protect your stick or improve your grip the way it should. It’s a pain to use, it causes damage to your expensive hockey equipment and it just stinks!

The reality is that there are new technologies in the marketplace that outperform hockey tape. Sniper Skin is a great option for grip protection and doesn’t have all the disadvantages of hockey tape. Also, Sniper Skin grips are customizable - they can be personalized with your name and number. Get your grip profile, easily and feel like a pro. Check out how easy they are to install here.


The best part is that Sniper Skin is not your Grandfather’s hockey tape. We continue to leverage technology to constantly improve our product based on hockey players’ feedback.

Our new ICT Hockey Grips offer various ways for the hockey player to custom fit their grip, personalize it and lock in place for optimum performance.

Sniper Skin Hockey Grips

Or, take it to the next level and design your own custom fit grip with Sniper Skin's Griptomizer tool.


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