How To Stay Motivated From The Captain Of NLL’s Philadelphia Wings, Kiel Matisz

how to stay motivated by NLL Kiel Matisz

Kiel Matisz, is an ideal partner of Sniper Skin because of his passion for educating others on the game of lacrosse. We asked Kiel what keeps you motivated in the off season, during trying times like covid, or when things just aren’t going according to plan.

So straight from the pro, here is what he had to say:

1) LEGACY - leaving or finish playing the sport better than I left it. Making this a sport of choice for the next generation. 

how to stay motivated by Kiel Matisz Legacy


2) CHAMPIONSHIPS - the chase for success and greatness, championships are the best representation of a great career.

how to stay motivated by Kiel Matisz, Champions


 3) MEMORIES - sharing these memories with teammates, friends & family. Only a limited time to build these memories. This is what lasts forever. Being invested in the people you’re with and enjoying every moment together.

 how to stay motivated by Kiel Matisz - Memories


What keeps you motivated through the year? Would you add anything to Kiel’s top 3 reasons to keep moving forward in the game? Keep trying, moving forward, and pushing yourself toward your goals.  

Stay tuned this season for more tips and tricks from the pros.  In the meantime, if you want to share your feedback, tips or stories, drop us a line to