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How To Prepare For the Holidays 2020 Style

How To Prepare For The Holiday Season 2020 Style

Holiday shopping will look quite different this year than it has in years past. Thanks in part to the pandemic, some brick and mortar stores have shut down, leaving us having to rely on online shopping for our gift giving this season. Shopping online in itself is not a new concept of course. It can actually be a fantastic way to conquer the holiday season with ease. Besides, most kids know what they want without having to step foot into a store. That is especially true for those that play sports, they all want the latest gadgets and accessories they find on the internet. While it's unfortunate that shopping in person isn't an option for some, the good news is that there is so much to be found on the web. Online holiday shopping can be made simple by following a few practical tips.

With so much on our plates these days, the last thing any of us needs is added stress.  These simple steps can help you beat the gift giving deadline with less anxiety. Planning ahead and shopping early are just a couple of the strategies we'll outline to prepare for the holidays, 2020 style!


It's never too early to start devising a plan for holiday gifting. Some have been known to shop for gifts throughout the year, a wise move! Begin by creating a list. The list will contain names of everyone that you would like to shop for. Leave some spaces at the bottom for additional names that may be added throughout the process.

Next to each person's name, write down the gift idea you have for them. If you don't know what you want to purchase for that person quite yet, then jot down their interests. For example, "Joey / new bat grip" or "Joey / baseball, video games". This way you'll save time trying to remember what Joey is into, or what he'd like when it comes time to start shopping.

For the Hockey Player on your list.

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For the REALTREE Camo fan on your list.

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For the Baseball/Softball player you're buying for.

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This is also a great time to start searching for coupon codes! Sniper Skin is offering free shipping deals for the holidays! Add more items to take advantage of shipping offers – like a t-shirt or hoodie! Collect store codes and links, and add them to a google doc, or even just in the notes section of your phone for easy access when you're ready to shop!

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Once you have your list created, get to shoppin'! There is no need to wait, shopping early will help to avoid delays and shipping mishaps. Sniper Skin offers tracked shipping – so your purchase is insured and there is an opportunity to replace it if it's lost in the shipping process. It can also provide time to return items that may be the incorrect size, or perhaps weren't what you had imagined. It's important to document each store's return policy and customer service contact information. Knowing all of this ahead of time will save so much time in the long run.

Shopping early also means prompt wrapping. Whether you keep presents under the tree, or hidden away somewhere safe, just knowing that this part of the holiday season has been completed is peace of mind! This means less time to worry, more time to spend with family and friends enjoying this special holiday time.


Many online businesses are small, and they have suffered hard losses due to the current economy. They are not backed by large financial resources such as a big box store would be. They depend completely on us, just as much as we depend on them! Many small businesses have actual persons picking, wrapping, and shipping items. This would help ensure that your gift is taken better care of, and that shipping issues remain at a minimum. Supporting these smaller businesses is a wonderful way to give back. What better time is there to do that than during the holiday season?

Thank You For Supporting Our Business



A great way to make a gift even more special is to personalize it! Sniper Skin has some great options to customize grips. Create your own design for the hard to buy for person, or just because! A name, team, or logo can add that cool factor too. 

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Adding a player's name (or nickname!) is a simple way to give a personalized gift that treats them like the pro they are.


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Personalize the Extreme Performance Grip too! It's weatherproof, comfort and performance all in one!

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Even in a time of uncertainty and constant change, preparing for the holidays can be simple! Planning ahead and shopping early can be life saving ideas when it comes to online shopping and preparing for the hectic holiday season. Take this unique moment in our existence to support and delight others by shopping small businesses, and considering personalized gifts for that special, or difficult to shop for someone. The holiday season is nearly upon us, let's forget about the craziness that 2020 brought us, and focus on having a joyous, and stress free holiday season!


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