How To Fish Like A Pro and WIN , With Christian Greico

Fish like a champion, Pro Christian Greico
Christian Greico, a rookie with MLF Pro circuit, just won 1st place at the Harris Chain of Lakes, FL.  Sniper Skin is super proud to partner with the 23 year old college graduate, who has been fishing since the age of 13, and is a USCG Licensed Captain. We had to ask him, what gear he used to win, so here are the deets from Greico on the setups that got him the big W.
1) The Rods - 13 Fishing 
Carolina Rigging:
13 Fishing Muse Black 7’6 H
13 Fishing Concept C2 8.3:1

13 Fishing   Muse Black 7’11 H
13 Fishing  Concept A2 8.3:1
13 fishing rods, Christian Greico MLF
2) The Baits - Googan Baits 
Googan Baits Slim Shake (black blue)
Googan Baits Nuke Punch (green pumpkin purple)
Googan Baits, MLF Christian Greico
3) The Grips - Sniper Skin Fishing Grips - Custom Fit and Personalized
Sniper Skin Fishing Grip Regular 11"  (trimmable to size)
Sniper Skin Fishing Grips, Christian Greico
Christian Greico, MLF Pro Circuit, Winner Harris Chain of Lakes
There you have it, top 3 things Christian Greico used to catch the title at MLF's Harris Chain of Lakes.  Join us this season and watch Christian in his rookie year with MLF, he's just getting started.