How to be a better team player from the Captain of NLL’s Philadelphia Wings, Kiel Matisz

How to be a better team player

Kiel Matisz, has a passion for educating others on the game of lacrosse and is an ideal partner of Sniper Skin. We asked Kiel to share some insights with athletes on how to play like a team.  There are always times in our sport careers where we need some reminders to align our own vision and that of the team.

So straight from the pro, here is what he had to say:

 1) Be yourself.  Authenticity is always important.  Every person should feel valued on the team and should feel comfortable doing so. 


be authentic


2) Be the biggest cheerleader.  Give an assist.  Helping others will always be your greatest accomplish and something you leave behind. Plant trees.




3) Be the change.  Diversity in actions and beliefs makes the team stronger. Listening and learning new thoughts and ideas can propel teams forward to places they may never thought imaginable. 

 be the change

Are you a coachable athlete?  Take advice from Kiel, the Captain of the NLL's Philadelphia Wings, on how to be a better team player.  Give these a top 3 recommendations a try and see what happens. 

Stay tuned this season for more tips and tricks from the pros.  In the meantime, if you want to share your feedback, tips or stories, drop us a line to