End of Hockey Season - How to Stay in Shape in the Off Season

5 Ideas for Summer Activities that will Keep You on Top of Your Game

Another hockey season is coming to an end. That can mean a whole lot of well-deserved downtime for both hockey players and parents.

But before you meld into the sofa for the next few months, keep in mind that next season is closer than you think. Using your off-season time to relax a little is great, but keeping in shape for next season should also be a priority.

Here are a few ideas to help keep you on top of your game so that you're ready when the next season arrives!


1. Play Other Sports

There a wide range of other sports that hockey players can get involved in during their off-season. Playing a different sport can work other muscle groups and help with your hockey skills.

More importantly, playing other sports can help prevent injuries. In an article from The Hockey News, Ryan Kennedy reports:

 “The movements in hockey are very specific and not necessarily intuitive, so taking a break from the particular stride and shooting motion of the sport to engage in another athletic pursuit can be helpful.”


Playing other sports during the off-season can also help a hockey player feel refreshed for when the new season begins. Many hockey players who focus on only one sport lose their desire and passion for the game. Take it from “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky himself who said in a Globe and Mail article:

"In youth hockey, in most cases, it's really important for kids to play other sports - whether it's indoor lacrosse or soccer or baseball. I think what that does is two things. One, each sport helps the other sport. And then I think taking time off in the off-season - that three- or four-month window - really rejuvenates kids so when they come back at the end of August, they're more excited. They think, 'All right, hockey's back, I'm ready to go.' " -Wayne Gretzky


NHL defenseman from the Arizona Coyotes, Jakob Chychrun agrees…

"…when you take that time off from hockey, you get to miss the game. You work that much harder in the off-season because you can't wait to get back." - Jakob Chychrun


If lacrosse or baseball is one of your off-season sports, don’t forget that Sniper Skin is not just for hockey! Bat grips and lacrosse stick grips are available. And, now we have the new Shadow Collection to make your lacrosse stick or baseball bat look cooler than ever.


2. Summer Cardio

Using your off-season to focus on other activities can help improve your stamina for hockey season. A great area to concentrate on is cardiovascular training. Cardio will help improve your endurance and keep you fit during the off-season.

Some great cardio activities include swimming and biking. Or, try jogging, hiking or just some stair cardio training.

What about beach volleyball? It’s about time you got some sand between your toes; you’ve been on the ice for months.

You can even set up a cardio challenge for you and your teammates to push yourselves. But, remember to keep it fun.


3. Off-Season Hockey Training

During the off-season, you should still focus on keeping your hockey skills strong. Your program should incorporate cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and endurance activities.

No matter where you are, there is likely a facility nearby that offers off-season hockey programs to keep your hockey skills sharp. Here are a few of our favourites:

If you have a favorite off-season hockey program, let us know in comments the below!


4. Next Season Starts Now – Intense Hockey Skills Focused Training

Depending on where you are in your hockey career or what level you are playing and your personal approach to hockey training, off-season may mean continuing a rigorous hockey training program.

There are so many great intense hockey skills off-season programs available but one that caught our eye is The Program by Nike. Nike has developed a detailed week by week program for hockey players to prepare for the next season. The Program is divided into focused skills-based chunks and active recovery sessions to cover an entire summer:

  • Speed & Power (Weeks 1-4)
  • Active Recovery (Week 5)
  • Explosiveness (Weeks 6-9)
  • Active Recovery (Week 10)
  • Training Camp (Weeks 11-12)

5. Always Have Fun

No matter what athletic activities you decide to do during your off-season, keep it fun; don’t feel like it’s a chore.

Summer activities are a great time to spend off-season with your hockey teammates without focusing on game. It allows you to get to know each other better outside of hockey and can allow you to build stronger relationships that help the team during the season.

Alternately, off-season is a great time to spend some quality time with your non-hockey friends. During the hockey season, it may be difficult to get together but once the off-season rolls around, you can reconnect and have some non-hockey fun.


What do you like to do off-season to keep in top shape? Let us know in the comments below!