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A coach strives to encourage young athletes to be active and have fun. A coach also plans purposeful practices, creates engaging activities and leads their team in developing gross motor skills. Sniper Skin grips gives you, the coach, a simple way to identify each player’s stick when they are young, because each grip is unique, even if they all have the same stick. And, they last longer than most sticks, so your players spend less time changing up their equipment, and give more attention to you for the game plan. Team grips create a unified look and promote the team wherever you go.



"As a coach, I like the fact Sniper Skin brings my boys together in a way. I overhear things in the dressing room like: "Hey Hallsy you got the yellow skin to match your twig? Ya man! or nice twig Coley love the skin!'  I enjoy hearing the competition back and forth on what skin is better, which one they like and then they all laugh and I feel it brings them all together for that moment. And, Sniper Skin grips are outlasting the sticks lol"   

Jonah C – coach – Stars Hockey Development



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