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Your Guide to Innovative, Cool Hockey Gifts

Your Guide to Innovative, Cool Hockey Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner and hockey parents everywhere are trying to figure out what cool hockey gifts to get their hockey-loving kids. Well, Sniper Skin is here to help!

We’ve put together a list of cool hockey gifts that your kids will love. Recently, the hockey industry has seen an explosion in innovation – from sticks to glove and skates to hockey tape. Yes, even the age-old hockey tape is seeing change. We dug deep in the industry to find some of the up-and-coming leaders in hockey innovation to add to your holiday list.

So, here’s a rundown of all the exciting hockey innovations we are seeing that will make great cool hockey gifts for the holidays:


Cool Hockey Gifts #1: Innovations in Hockey Sticks & Stick Protection – Power + Control + Accuracy + Durability

One of the most important pieces of hockey gear is the hockey stick. It’s crucial that the stick provides the power and control the player needs to get the edge in the game.

Colt, a leader in the Canadian hockey stick market, has introduced the next generation in hockey sticks. Colt leverages Nanovate™, originally engineered for aerospace applications, to make a high-performing hockey stick.

The new Colt 3 is coming out soon and it’s better than ever:

  • Lighter – featherweight class, 15% lighter without compromising strength and integrity
  • Durability – can withstand 3X more impact force than elite composite hockey sticks
  • Performance – Soft-Touch finish, modern kick point, and perfect balance for superior feel, release speed and shot power


With the new Colt 3, your hockey player will be breaking records, not sticks.

Other great stick options for youth players: Sniper Hockey Canada, focusing on leveraging the Flex Rule to design the right amount of flex into hockey sticks for kids.

No matter how awesome your stick’s durability is, you want to do your best to protect your investment to prolong the life of your hockey stick. That’s when you turn to innovative solutions for hockey grips and blade protectors. Sniper Skin has a variety of state-of-the-art hockey grips and blade protectors to suit every hockey player’s tastes. With a selection of colors and personalization, Sniper Skin makes a great gift. And we haven’t forgotten the goalie – goalie paddle grips, goalie stick top grips, and goalie blade covers are also available.

While making your list and checking it twice, don’t forget about the hockey coach! With personalization, they make a great gift. Personalization of the hockey grips also makes a great idea for upcoming tournament gifts.


Cool Hockey Gifts #2: Advances in Hockey Gloves to Combat Wear and Tear

Hockey gloves make a great gift for the holidays. As most hockey parents know, hockey gloves take a beating and get smelly and worn out quickly. But, with some of the advances in hockey gloves and hockey glove protection, you can replace those hockey gloves less frequently.

If you are looking to protect existing hockey gloves, the best way is to get away from using hockey tape as the adhesive can damage gloves. Changing over to Sniper Skin hockey grips can protect your gloves and keep them smelling newer, longer.

If hockey glove replacement is on the holiday list this year, then True Z-Palm with interchangeable palm technology is a great option with all the hockey player priorities covered:

  • Comfort
  • Feel
  • Control and grip
  • Flexibility
  • Durability


Cool Hockey Gifts #3: High Performance Hockey Skate Blade Technology

Hockey skates are always experiencing innovative new technologies to improve performance. So, when looking for cool hockey gifts this holiday season, look no further than Tydan Performance Blades, another Canadian company.

Tydan takes cutting edge to a whole new level with the Maximum Edge® system used by over 300 teams in leagues like the NHL, CHL and OHL. This system allows for greater control, increased speed, and improved centre of gravity.

When gifting hockey skates, it’s important to remember that it is all about the fit. So, think about wrapping a picture of the skates and take your player with you after the holidays to actually buy the skates. You may even get a boxing week sale price!


Cool Hockey Gifts #4: Helmets for Protection and Cool Hockey Tricks

Obviously, the main purpose of a hockey helmet is to protect the players head; particularly with the risk of concussions. So, the right helmet fit is critical.

However, have you ever thought about a helmet being fun? If you’ve got a kid who wants to be the next hockey tricks YouTube star, we have may found the coolest hockey gift of all time. UHWK has developed an HD camera specifically designed for sports and it fits right into your hockey helmet.

Not just for fun hockey tricks, UHWK makes for an excellent training tool as it gives you POV training opportunities for you to go back and watch with your coach.  It can even capture first-hand amazing moments on the ice.


Innovation Makes for Some Great Gifts for the Hockey Player on Your Holiday List

So, when thinking about what to put on your holiday list this year, don’t forget to come back to check out these great gift ideas for the hockey players on your list. Whether it a new grip, gloves or skates, your hockey player will love these cool hockey gifts that leverage technology to improve performance, durability and the fun of the game.