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How To Design Your Own Sports Grip

griptomizer design your own grip

A unique grip, designed by you! It's so easy Step 1 pick your color. Step 2 Add an image. Step 3 Add text. You're Done Preview & Purchase :)


How To Prepare For the Holidays 2020 Style

How To Prepare For the Holidays 2020 Style With so much on our plates these days, the last thing any of us needs is added stress.  These simple steps can help you beat the gift giving deadline with less anxiety. Planning ahead and shopping early are just a couple of the strategies we'll outline to prepare for the holidays, 2020 style!   


How To Stay Active When You're Stuck At Home

How To Stay Active When You're Stuck At Home At home workouts are more popular than ever these days. Bad weather, limited finances, being short on time, or as of late, social distancing, can keep you stuck at home. When team practices are canceled or the gym is impossible to get to, athletes can make the best out of having to stay home.


Sniper Skin Holiday Gift Guide

Sniper Skin Holiday Gift Guide
It seems that the holiday shopping season starts a little earlier every year. While that may add some more stress to the season for many, for those of us that are sports parents, this could be a very good thing. As our kids grow it's getting more and more difficult to surprise them with something they really want during the holidays. Adults and kids that play sports are particularly picky, not just any generic item will do. They want things that will reflect their personalities and unique interests. When it comes to athletes, it's obviously all about sports! ​Sports grips​ make great gifts for the sports fanatics in your life, and we have one to suit just about every need!

Sniper Skin Custom Fit Grips make great gifts under the tree, and fantastic stocking stuffers! 

They also make fun birthday gifts, or presents for any occasion. With so many styles and patterns to choose from you're bound to find the one that perfectly suits your athlete.  Don't forget about the Coaches and Team gifts!   Personalized matching team grips make a fun and unique group gift!     
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Keeping Kids Motivated After a Sports Injury

Keeping Kids Motivated After a Sports Injury

How To Keep Your Kids Motivated When They Are Recovering From a Sports Injury

When kids incur sports injuries, it can be difficult to keep their outlook positive.

A few years ago my son hurt his patella tendon in football. It was the first play, in the first game of the season. He had spent all summer looking forward to football camp. He practiced hard with his teammates, five grueling days a week for over a month. When the first game was finally upon us, he was more excited than I had seen him be in a very long time.

Just like that his season was over. A full leg cast for eight weeks and crutches was all he had to show for all that work he put into his game. Not only was this painful and uncomfortable on the exterior, but inside his little heart was shattered. As a parent watching my son experience his first ever broken heart was the toughest thing to witness.

For kids that have sat on the bench due to a sports injury, the pain can go far beyond the physical. Their emotions take a toll as well. They are coping with being unable to do something they love. Oftentimes it’s a sport they have participated in for years. Most aren't mature enough to understand that sometimes life throws a curveball, and we must know how to swing.

Some kids become moody, depressed, or act irrationally while they are taking time off from sports after an injury. Naturally, parents worry when their once motivated child suddenly becomes despondent.

How can parents motivate their kids while they are resting from a sports injury?                      Read More...….

Keeping Kids Motivated After Sports Injury