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How To Stay Active While Social Distancing

How To Stay Active While Social Distancing

Staying active is so important for a healthy lifestyle. For an athlete though, it's absolutely crucial in order to avoid muscle atrophy, and to maintain agility, strength, and mobility.

In this day and age of social distancing and having to stay home, it can be difficult to remain active. We're generally accustomed to outdoor team practices, gym workouts, and many other activities that require us to be closer than the recommended 6 feet apart from others. What we are experiencing globally is unprecedented. It's still a new concept, but one we must embrace for the time being.

Team practices are being canceled, and players are having to find new and innovative ways to stay in shape. Coming up with new ideas on how to continue moving while at home may take some out of the box thinking, but it can be done!

Whether you're home to practice social distancing, or perhaps the weather just isn't cooperating on a given day, there are lots of ways to build up a sweat without leaving your house.

The following list of fun and creative ways to be active at home, indoors or out, with little to no equipment, will inspire you to stay motivated, and keep physically active!

With Social Distancing rules currently in place, make sure that these activities are performed either solo, or with members of your own household.